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Gluten free Protein Pancake Mixes!! 


2 flavors available chocolate chip and cinnamon spice. 21g protein, 6 g fiber, 290 calories per serving.

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Good2Go Protein Bars ...YUMMO


Let me start out by saying WOW!!
I would have never believed I could love a protein bar as much as I do these!! From the smooth creamy texture in every bite to the fabulous flavor there's no way not to say Mmmm!! 

One thing I really love is the bar is a perfect meal replacement no need to add fruit to up the carbs or nuts to add more fat they are perfect!! So Convenient !! 
I have been eating another popular protein bar since 2010 and never thought anything could come close but I was WRONG!! (It happened) 
The Good 2 Go Bars are natural and don't have that over sweetened taste like the others ...they are spot on perfect in my opinion. 
Four yummy flavors you can't go wrong with my favorites are the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip & Almond Chocolate Chip & they have Almond Fruit Nut & Peanut Butter Fruit Nut which are also super delicious!! 

I love the fact that the bars need to be refrigerated due to the fact that there are NO PRESERVATIVES & they use ORGANIC ingredients.
The G2G bars are all completely natural, 99.9% lactose-free, and use many organic ingredients. The bars do not contain any refined sugar; instead they are sweetened with honey, brown rice syrup, and coconut crystals. They contain flaxseed and coconut oil, and are flavored with cinnamon and vanilla. The bars are high in protein, which comes from whey isolate, peanut & almond butters, (freshly ground) and oats. In addition to fantastic taste and satisfaction, the ingredients in the G2G bars possess countless health benefits.

Benefits (ORGANIC) 

  • Whey Protein: rapid-digesting protein that feeds muscle tissue and helps in muscle recovery
  • Whole Oats: lowers cholesterol, reduces risk of heart disease, stabilizes blood sugar
  • Flaxseed: promotes bone health, protects against heart disease, cancer and diabetes
  • Sweetened with Brown Rice Syrup Coconut Flakes & Honey 
  • I highly recommend these bars if you care about what you put into your body. Food is your fuel so fuel it up with GOOD 2 GO 

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Why you should be eating GRASSFED BEEF

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If you are looking for great Organic meats shipped to your door this company is wonderful we have used them for years!


Feature Friday -Susie Thomson

Hi yall! 
Friend and a long-time ‘Fitspiration’ of mine Vicki Royer asked for a little ‘about me & my journey down Fitness Lane’ blog entry. 
I could seriously write a novel, but in interest of time, I’ll present the ’easy read’ semi-condensed version.
Around 1998 I saw an infomercial for Tae-Bo – a kickboxing VHS set (yes… VHS!) haha, I ordered it, little did I know that huffing and puffing away to Billy Blanks would make me thirsty for everything fitness/health/nutrition related later… I just wanted to lean out and get ‘skinny’! Even though I had to rewind *gasps* the tapes after each session; I really enjoyed the tapes and wanted MORE! 

I got a treadmill & also loved to dance.. so I would plug away 5x a week for nearly 2-hours hours each day… 
SO frustrated, working my ass off but not actually working my ass OFF at all… I never seemed to get anywhere. I was still chubby ~definitely NOT the lean fitness model I envisioned when I bought said treadmill! (SUCK!!)

Back then my diet was POOR – I had exactly ZERO idea what nutrition was! #NO.IDEA.!!
I had a standing date with the Chinese buffet on Friday night, I could eat an economy sized bag of powered sugar donuts on the weekends (hey don’t judge –the bag touted ‘FAT FREE’ on the front in BIG RED LETTERS!) I thought cereals were a good diet choice because they were low in calories per serving, so I would typically consume a couple of bowls a day for meal replacement.. after all, the lady on the Special-K commercial said it worked for her!!! 
I went from diet to trendy diet… South Beach, Atkins, Slim-Fast shakes… I went on the rice diet, which consisted of 3 bowls of rice each day – clueless of the havoc I was wreaking on my poor body and metabolism. 
Ummm, no wonder I would binge out at the buffet come Friday, I was EFFING STARVING!!! 
Weekends were a feeding frenzy… Micky D’s for lunches, pizza for dinners… ice cream – oh yeah baby, I thought spoons were for amateurs, professionals use cookies to scoop the carton clean!
Time Sunday evening rolled around I would SWEAR I would do better, that I’d never binge again, that I’d never eat crappy food again, I would mentally beat the hell out of myself. I hated myself, I knew better – but I was so utterly clueless of the malfunctioning rollercoaster I had bordered. At the time I just saw myself as a fat failure with no willpower and wondered why I sucked so badly! UGH!
Looking back I feel poorly for having tortured myself so brutally – not just from consuming such crap, for restricting, but the mental beating I’d give myself… that’s sad.  )-:
This went on for – years… the cycle, I’m sure many can relate… eat great all week, restrict, be proud… Friday night… OMG its F-IT:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.... time to clock out of this hell-hole and have some ‘FUN!’

Along the way I started reading more articles to educate myself on proper nutrition & tried new things. I got a food scale, a body fat scale, a heart rate monitor; I was GOING to get BUFF gosh-dang’it!
Eventually I started training with weights.. HA, well, I mean I *thought*I was.. the weights I used were 5-10lbs… even though everyone said I wouldn’t get ‘big’ ‘bulky’ I still thought I was going to HULK OUT and get MASSIVE, so I would squat my heart out with 25’s…*shakes head* - oh, what we don’t know until we know it!

I progressed, shrugging sugar for protein, but in form of whey powder, ‘slim fast protein’ blend and south beach treats – if it said I had protein in it, I was DOWN!
I was no longer on the binge train, but still hadn’t fully grasped the idea of weight training and eating real food. The term ‘clean eating’ had not yet been coined.

I would modify and tweak – I was seeing results, but they were minimal. I was still fluffy for sure, still working way too hard and still nowhere near where I wanted to be. I would tell myself that I ‘didn’t have the genes’ that I’d ‘always have cottage cheese thighs!’.. and make other rude, mean, horrible evaluations of myself as I squeezed the fat on my tummy.
I was doing ‘cheat meals’, which were pretty heavy and huge! Again captain clueless here didn’t know those huge, fatty, modified, sugar and sodium laden meals I was consuming as my ‘cheats’ would have a trickledown effect for days – I didn’t realize at the time that overindulging would make me crave things, that the sodium would make me retain water, that it would make me feel fuzzy-headed, nor that what I did on Saturday would show up on the scale Tuesday! 

To make a LONG NOVEL, short(er) skip forward to the last year or so. This is where the magic has happened. Due to medical issues I had to make the leap to getting rid of all the modified, processed ‘food’ I was consuming. This was the BEST thing that’s ever happened to me! 
I got rid of my tubs of whey protein, soy products, artificial sweeteners, removed anything GMO or hormone injected. If it wasn’t real, it didn’t enter my body.
After a few weeks I started to see results from the clean eating. My life long battle with cystic hormonal acne was healing (and it was BAAAADDD!). I could eat without getting gassy. My chronic IBS with constipation was GONE! My once itchy skin was no longer on fire…. and I was leaning out… but what’s way more important was how I was feeling!! 

So how do I roll today?  4-5 months after removing the ‘franken foods’ I’m thrilled to report….
*I AM AWESOME!* * I FEEL AMAZEBALLS*! I finally have the healthy, lean body I always strived for but thought was out of reach.
 I’m no longer on the 3 prescription medications plus topicals prescribed by my dermatologist. I didn’t ever have to start taking Rx drugs for the aforementioned medical issues (the Doctors were baffled, shocked and amazed!)
My head is clear, I have an abundance of energy AND  I am STRONGER than ever – all of these things I never thought I’d have!! 
I workout WAY less – 30-45 mins 5x a week. I weight train (with heavy weights!) – do plyometics or HIIT. I go for little strolls around the block, I dance… just because I feel like it and its FUN! I find myself spontaneously skipping for no real reason.  I have a good relationship with food now and a much better relationship with myself, which in turn spills over to every other aspect of my life. 

If you are on the path and being resistant I understand. Change is hard – plus we’re fed so much information on what is ‘good and bad’ for us that it becomes overwhelming & scary. We become slaves to food – always thinking about food, or meals, or snacks – *OMG has it been 2 hours – do I need a snack – what happens if I don’t get my protein/fat/carb at 2pm today – OMG I forgot my almonds at home!!* I’ve lived that way – it’s no fun.

Since this is LONG I’ll close with what I’ve learned as a guide in hopes that it will help someone in their journey. 
Eat real food! Eat clean; don’t be scared to eat healthy fat, or natural sugar.
Use the 80/20 rule: 80% amazingly awesome real nutritious food, 20% have a margarita, or a couple of your Grandmas double chocolate cookies, life is for living, food is for fuel, but it’s also to be enjoyed so, have everything you want in moderation and do not feel guilt over it! Moderation is key to everything in life.
Eat enough food! I made that mistake too – eat when you are hungry and don’t eat just because -it’s been two hours & OMG someone said you had to have protein  or the lean muscle your working for will vanish into thin air!!-… it won’t!
Don’t over train! ~Ladies: Weight training will not make you HULK OUT  ;-)
If something doesn’t feel right to you – trust your gut! If you really listen, your body will tell you exactly what it needs.
Be patient!!! Be P-A-T-I-E-N-T-! It’s a process (don’t ya hate that term!)… but it’s true, just be consistent and patient… rinse, lather, repeat… do not give up, do not give in, trust the process!
And above all –Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t tell yourself lies. If you ‘fail’ – give yourself a hug – learn, move on – that is WINNING. Remove your negative self talk – you deserve better than the garbage you’re telling yourself!
LOVE YOURSELF, dig deep and love you as you are right now. Eat clean. Do your best. Be Proud. SMILE! (-:

I’d like to take a moment to thank Vicki for her positive inspiration, time, help, guidance and for the opportunity to share my journey with you. (-:
I’m passionate about everything life has to offer and just starting a new site for inspiring tidbits, tutorials, recipes & such – if you’re interested check out my Facebook page 
(Link)http://www.facebook.com/pages/originalsusiecom/178307725573063 and ‘like’ it for future updates! xxoo Susie*