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FEATURE FRIDAY - Duane Duncan Jr's Fit Journey

Duane Duncan Jr's Fit Journey 

Well let's see.  A quick background on myself.  I'm 34 yrs old, married to Amber Duncan. We will be married 8 yrs in October.  Altogether 13 yrs we have been together. I have a little Boy named Braedon who will be 5 in March and a little girl on the way who is due in April.    
I considered myself an Athlete and will always be one.  I got involved with sports early on in my youth.  Playing soccer for most of my early youth which I believe helped carve my leg strength I have today.  Around middle school I switched to football, basketball and baseball.  I played basketball up until 8th grade, and focused on baseball and football from then on.  My 10th grade year I started varsity both football and baseball.  I was a third baseman and occasionally played catcher.  My sophomore year on varsity football I started defensive end, played special teams.  I think I was third team all area team for defensive end my sophomore year.

After my sophomore year I decided that football was my calling and I stuck to it.  I started Varsity at inside linebacker and fullback.  The end of my sophomore year is when I really started training and getting involved with powerlifting and strength training.  This helped pave the way for my senior year where I would start inside linebacker and tailback.  I finished the year with over 1100 yards rushing and 25 touchdowns.  Made the All Area Teams on both defense and offense and was selected to Montgomery County East All-star Game.

Now remind you I grew up with both of my parents having health issues my whole life. My mom broke her back while at work when I was just 1 and was on disability my whole youth.  When I was 14 my dad became very I'll with bronchitis.  Ended up with ammonia and I almost lost him then.  Both my mom and dad were smokers and my dad drank quite a bit. My dad fought illness constantly.  Had diabetes, heart disease amongst other things.Neither were really athletes or up on healthy living.  I grew close to my parents growing up dealing with this.  In and out of hospitals all the time.  It molded me into who I am today.   I lost my dad in 2010 from cancer.

I was recruited by a ton of schools...West Chester, Shippensburg, East Stroudsburg, Widener, Ursinus, etc.  I ended up choosing Shippensburg University.   They recruited me to play fullback.   To make a story shirt I lasted there a year and came home because I had homesickness.  I was worried about my parents and their health.  I came home and worked and attended Montgomery County Community College. I gave up on football.  It just was not that important.

But the one constant I have always had in my life is the weightroom.  Powerlifting, fitness and my health.  When I was 24 I played semi pro football for the Pottstown Bulldogs at running back.  I had a good time prob ran for around 400 yards and 3-4 touchdowns in 8 games.  We played teams from all over the east coast.  I still had it.  But then the reality set in that it wasn't going to pay the bills.  I moved on and got involved in the construction industry.

Now let's fast forward 10 years or so.   I started a family with Amber and sports were in my distant past, but the one thing besides Amber that was a constant was the gym.  My powerlifting and fitness never went away.  I vowed to myself especially after marrying Amber and finding out I was going to have a son that I would be as healthy as I could be for as long as I could.  Growing up my mom and dad did everything they could for me but there were things they couldn't do because of their health.  I vowed it would be different for Braedon.  And now my future Daughter.  

Quick tidbit.  You are as old as you feel.  And the only thing holding you back are your own excuses.  With that being said that leads me to where I am today.  I got introduced to North American Strongman about two years ago by a good friend.   I always had the strength background so I started training strongman events and was instantly hooked.  Farmers carrys, yolk carry's, Atlas Stones.  I have done about 5 or 6 competitions in my 2 years.  And most most recent accomplishment was this past November at Maryland's Strongest Man.  I placed 2nd in the 200lb class.  I missed 1st by 1/2 point as well as a ticket to Nationals.  Competing and the National level is my goal and it's in my plans for the future.  But I also just love training with my fellow strongman competitors.  It's like a big family.

I am where I am because of what has happened in my life.  Growing up with  parents who had a lot of health issues has forged me to be who I am.  Me and Amber are very conscious of what we put in our bodies.  And thank god for her and her awesome ability to cook.  4 years ago I was diagnosed with Celiacs Disease.  Gluten, Wheat, Barley and Rye Allegry.  It was a learning experience trying to make gluten free eating fun.  Because it can be very bland.  Thanks to her we can pretty much eat everything we used to safely.

Currently I work for a township on the road department, but in December I will graduate from the police academy and fulfill my dream of working in law enforcement.  I will be working for same township, but just promoted to within their police department.  I am very excited and always told myself there is a reason I was holding onto my strength and youth.  Remember you live once and it is never to late to change your path or find the one your suppose to be on.  I truly believe I am where I'm suppose to be doing what I am suppose to do.  I will continue my healthy living alongside Amber and hopefully pass down our healthy lifestyle to my kids.

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Hello Team 
I'm writing this note to share with you my past struggles with my weight.  For the past 5 years I have struggled with my weight I would lose 20 pounds and gain 20 plus back each year I would see the scale climb.  When I turned 40 is when I started to notice my weight become a problem I felt sluggish and just felt like my metabolism shut down.  I have never experienced a weight problem I was a gymnast and was always active.  I work full time at a desk job and I have a private massage therapy practice. Coming home to make dinner is not easy for me so fast food became the norm. I recently lost my MOM who was my best friend she lived with me for the past 30 years I'm still dealing with the pain.  I have decided to make 2015 my year I have taken care of so many people it is now time to put myself first.  My biggest hurdle is my diet because I just don't know what to eat & when to eat and how to eat.  I'm very good at starting a lifestyle change but sticking with it is my problem. I work very hard the first 2 weeks but then I just give up.  I'm very concerned at this point in my life about my health.  My goal is just to be healthy and find someone who will help me along the way.   
Janet M Marino